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Heart Centered Living

Welcome to my passion project, life coaching!

After several years of working with complex trauma survivors my heart and energy requires something different, something lighter. What a privilege it was to hold space for such a diverse community’s suffering.  It has taught me that what connects us all is our suffering. Every human knows what it means to suffer. Coaching works with suffering in a different way than therapy. Therapy is similar to archaeology, uncovering the past to observe how it influences the present, where as coaching is similar to architecture, building the future with purposeful design. Integrating suffering to create a heart centered life. 


Scroll to find out why I choose coaching and how working with me is an investment in your future!

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Why coaching?

Life is funny. Working with people is my passion and I am a recovering people pleaser! Due to this, I am continuously digging deep to honor my boundaries and practice putting my needs first without feeling guilty. Coaching is how I hold sacred space for people while honoring my loving fences (boundaries)! For the past several years my ‘work hours’ were spent offering trauma sensitive yoga and a safe space for folks to navigate their truth while healing from mental health dis-ease. My past trauma/people pleasing caused me to go above and beyond for patients, students, and colleagues.  If I noticed an unmet need, I would fill it, even if I didn’t have the space/energy to do so. Long story short, I was not practicing what I preach!  Eventually, my mind and body were chronically stressed and in a state of high anxiety. Losing my four legged best friend while recovering from two concussions stripped away all denial of how exhausted I was feeling. This way of living wasn’t sustainable and when I stopped engaging in the activities I love and found myself feeling flat, I knew it was time for a change. In a moment of despair while googling potential jobs, I found life coaching and immediately knew, this was it!


What is a life coach?

A life coach is someone who helps people design a life that is congruent with their hearts desires. An architect of the future for people who want to live a deeper, fuller life. Life coaches actively listen to help you better navigate life's transitions in a way that nourishes YOU.


How can a life coach help?

A coaches accountability helps keep projects on task.  After losing a loved one or pet life can feel dull and lonely. A life coach helps recognize and integrate emotions and reignite the desire to live fully again! When we are stuck a fresh pair of eyes can help us see what we are missing.  Sometimes we simply need extra support.


There are so many reasons to work with a life coach. Interested in working with me? Keep scrolling!


Packages Available

Glacier Lily: Month to Month Coaching Investment

Lupine: 3 Month Coaching Investment

Scarlet Paintbrush: 6 Month Coaching Investment

Lotus: 6 week TCTSY Coaching Package*

Option: add private yoga in 30 minute increments

Each package:

  • Is uniquely designed to each individual

  • Includes grounding through mindfulness and breathing practices

  • Includes a discovery session and coaching sessions

*TCTSY coaching package includes trauma sensitive yoga

Contact me for a complimentary 15 minute session to answer questions!


Let's connect!

Call or email for a complimentary 15 minute session 

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